How to Share Google Analytics Access

**Updated 10/13/18**

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track many different aspects of a user’s experience on your website. Some of the most basic tracking options available include knowing what city your users live in, how long they stay on your site, how many pages they went to, and where they came from (a search engine, directly to your site, from a social media site etc.)

By sharing access to your existing Google Analytics account, you’ll be allowing us to view and manage your account through our own Google login. That way, we won’t be asking for your email address and password. It takes just 5 steps to share access.

1. Sign into Google Analytics

Go to and click Sign in to Analytics at the top right.

sign into Google Analytics

Enter your email and click Next.

  • Click Forget email? if you do not know the email address to log in with. Google will give you options for recovering it. Once you have recovered your login information, log out and go back to the first step.

sign into Google Analytics step 2

Enter your password and click Next.

  • Click Forget password? if you do not know your password. Google will give you options for recovering it. Once you have recovered your login information, log out and go back to the first step.

sign into google analytics 3

Complete the 2-step verification, if prompted.

2. Navigate to the ADMIN Page

You’ll land on the HOME area of Google Analytics. Click on ADMIN near the bottom of the left navigation. [You can click any image in this post to see a larger version of it]

navigation to Google Analytics admin

3. Navigate to the User Management Page

Click on User Management in the Account column, which is furthest to the left. You can also find User Management at the Property and View level (not what we want), so make sure to click on it at the Account level.

navigation to Google Analytics user management

4. Click the Add Button

Click the blue circular plus button in the top right, then click Add new users when the menu drops down.

click the add button google analytics

5. Share Google Analytics Access

There are three steps on this screen:

  1. Enter the email address we give you in the Email Addresses section.
  2. Check ALL the boxes in the Permissions section: Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze, Manage Users
  3. Click Add at the top right

adding permissions to google analytics


That’s all. You have now shared Google Analytics access with us. We’ll be able to access your account through our own Google email and password each time we need it.

Sign out by first closing out of the Add Permissions screen using the X at the top left, then clicking on your profile photo or icon at the top right of the screen. A menu will drop down and there is a Sign out option.

Here is Google’s documentation on adding, modifying and deleting Google Analytics users.



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    Thanks Rachel!
    Simple when you know how to do it, a maze when you don’t LOL..

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