By sharing access to your existing Google AdWords account, you’ll be allowing us to view and manage your account through our own Google login. That way, we won’t be asking for your email address and password.

It takes just 5 steps to share access.

1. Sign into Google AdWords

Go to: and click Sign in

Google AdWords homepage


Enter your email and password and click Sign in. Click Need help? if you don’t remember your email or password. Google will give you choices for recovering it. Once you have recovered your login email address and password, log out and go back to the first step.

Google AdWords login page

At this point, you may be asked to confirm info, like your phone number or backup email address. Be sure the information they show you is correct and hit Save and continue.

2. Tell us your Customer ID

Your Customer ID (Account number) is located on the top right of the pages in AdWords. Send us this 10-digit number and we’ll send you a request for access. Once we let you know that we’ve sent a request for access, then proceed to Step 3.

AdWords customer ID location

3. Go to your Account settings page

Click on the gear at the top right of the screen to the right of your customer ID and email address. A menu will drop down. Choose Account settings from that menu.

Google AdWords Account homepage

4. Go to your Account access page.

Use the vertical navigation menu on the left side of the page, and click on the item at the top, Account access.

Google AdWords settings page

5. Accept the access request

Look for the Client managers heading in the main part of the page. Underneath that, you’ll see your current Client managers, as well as any invitations. To accept an invitation, click the Accept request button next to the Client manager’s name.
Google AdWords account access page

You have now shared Google AdWords access with us. We’ll be able to access your account through our own Google email and password to manage your advertising.

Sign out by clicking on your Customer ID/email address at the top right of the screen. Click the Sign out button on the menu that drops down. And you’re done! Let us know if you have any questions.

Here’s Google’s documentation on AdWords access.

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