How to Get Phone Support for Your Google My Business Listing – Updated 10/2016

[Due to the high volume of calls we receive regarding Google My Business issues, we are only able to help existing clients. Please contact Google for help instead at  1-844-491-9665.]

It is surprisingly easy to get a Google customer service representative to call you about your Google My Business (GMB) listing!  First, we’ll go over why you might need help, and then we’ll tell you how to call them or get your phone to ring.

Many businesses have trouble when verifying or accessing their Google My Business listings.  Here are some of the more common issues:

You Requested a Postcard and it Never Arrived

In many cases, verifying your listing with Google entails

  • Signing up for an account
  • Giving Google your key business information (like your name, address and phone number)
  • Receiving a postcard in the mail at the address you specified
  • Following the instructions on the postcard, which involves navigating to the URL they specify and entering the PIN on your postcard

You Can’t Access Your Account

This typically happens when in one of a few cases:

  • (Most common!) Someone who no longer works at the company used their personal or company email address to create the Google account and you no longer have access to this account to be able to receive a password recovery email
  • You created the account so long ago that you can’t remember what email address you used and therefore can’t receive the password recovery email.
  • You created an account with an email address that is no longer accessible. That email address might not longer be in use for a variety for reasons.  For example, if your company is now using a different domain and all the email accounts were switched over to the new domain.  Without that access, you can’t receive the password recovery email.

You Have a Lot of Duplicates

  • When you have a lot of duplicates (we’ve seen as many as 8), it is much easier to call Google and have one of their customer support team help you sort through each account.

Calling Google

Here is their number:  1-844-491-9665

Expect to wait!  It took 30 minutes for them to pick up.

Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm EST.

How to Get Google to Call You

If the above number isn’t working, there is another option – getting Google to call you.

1. Sign into your Google account

Go to and click sign in at the top right.

You do not need to log into the account you are calling about.

Click on any image to enlarge it.


2. You’ll see one of two screens.

Possibility #1

If you don’t have your Google My Business listing associated with the Google account you logged into, you’ll see the screen below.  Scroll all the way down and click Help.


Possibility #2

If you do you have your Google My Business listing associated with the Google account you logged in with, you’ll see the screen below.

Click MANAGE LOCATION under one of the locations.  It doesn’t have to be the location you are calling about.


Scroll to the bottom and click the Help link.


3. Click Phone and Fill out Your Info

Whether you did the steps with possibility #1 or #2, you’ll arrive at the following screen.  Make sure to scroll all the way down (step 1) in the Help window to see the option for Phone.  Click Phone (step 2).

Make sure to scroll all the way down (step 1) in the Help window to see the option for Phone.  Click Phone (step 2).

You will not see these support options if it is outside of business hours.  Currently, the support hours for Google My Business are:  Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm EST.


Fill out the Help box on the right completely (step 1).  You’ll have to scroll.

Choose whether to send a screenshot (step 2).

Choose whether to highlight or blackout something (like personal information) on the screenshot (step 3)

Click Send (step 4).


Be prepared to wait on hold, but in some instances, I’ve been connected right away.

Bonus tip

We’ve heard you can tweet @GoogleSmallBiz  ( for help!

Still need help?

We are not Google, but we may be able to help you get in touch with them and explain your situation so that you can get the help you need.

We help blog readers with Google My Business issues on a per-minute basis:


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This is the only way we’re able to help if you’re not a current client (calls to our main number will not be returned).

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