For the month of March, a number of podcasts that I listen to have been encouraging people to tell others about their favorite podcasts using the hashtag, #TryPod.

I love listening to podcasts while driving or while I walk around the neighborhood or grocery stores. They’re interesting, educational, entertaining and many are created with high production value.

Here’s my list of favorite developer podcasts:

JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber is one of the first developer podcasts that I listened to and it’s still one of my favorites. No surprise, most of the topics are related to JavaScript. The guests are always interesting and the hosts are great. Stick around until the end for the picks of the week: interesting books, tv shows, articles, etc that the guests and panelists recommend.

Charles Max Wood, the main host, also produces a bunch of other great podcasts and a series of remote conferences. He has also recently added some one-on-one interviews to JS Jabber to learn more about the backstories of well known JavaScript developers.


CodeNewbie focuses more on beginner developers. It’s a weekly podcast with interviews that mostly focus on how the guest got started as a developer. I’m not a new developer but I enjoy hearing people’s backstories. The host, Saron, does a great job of interviewing her very diverse lineup of guests. Many of the guests got into development via non-traditional routes. The CodeNewbie organization also has a Slack team (where I like to try to answer questions) and a weekly Twitter chat.

Soft Skills Engineering

Jamison Dance and Dave Smith, two of my favorite panelists from JavaScript Jabber, started their own podcast. Soft Skills Engineering talks about the non-technical aspects of being a software developer. The weekly podcast comes in a Q&A format. Dave and Jamison attempt to answer questions submitted to them and provide their best advice, even if the final (joking) answer is always to “quit your job and find a new one.”

Front End Happy Hour

Front End Happy Hour is run by a group of developers from Netflix, Evernote, Atlassian & LinkedIn. They pick a topic related to front end development and a word of the day that is related to the topic. Whenever the word of the day is said, everyone drinks. It’s a pretty funny and casual show but I like it because you get to hear some inside information about some big companies and people’s strong opinions on the topics. They also do picks at the end of the show.

Software Engineering Daily

Software Engineering Daily releases a (roughly) 1-hour show every weekday. It’s a ton of content but it’s very well done. Topics tend to focus on more of the “hard” aspects of computing.


The host of Hanselminutes, Scott Hanselman, seems like one of the nicest people in the world. I don’t listen to every show but the ones I do are very well done and interesting. Most of the shows are related to more general technology or Microsoft developer topics (Scott works for MS).

There you have it. My list of my favorite developer podcasts. Let me know if you have any others that I should try.

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