How to Submit Your Webpage or Site to Google

Submitting your website or a page on your site to Google is easy! It just takes a few steps in Google Search Console.

Why You Should Submit Your Webpage URLs to Google

A crawl by Google’s bot (Googlebot) is necessary for your site and pages to be indexed and shown in Google’s search results.

That means it is beneficial to first know whether Googlebot is able to crawl your webpage properly.

Once you know it can crawl your page, you can submit it to Google for crawling and possible inclusion in the index.

This tutorial will show you:

  1. how to check whether Googlebot can crawl your page
  2. how to submit that page to Google for inclusion in their index, which comes with the possibility of being shown in Google search results.

What You Should Submit to Google’s Index

  • Brand new websites (submit the homepage URL)
  • New website pages like blog posts
  • Any website pages that have changed

Is Inclusion in Google’s Index Guaranteed?

Submitting a page to the index is not a guarantee that it will actually be included in search results.  Google determines that.  

Here Are the Steps for Submitting your Site to Google’s index

1. Log in to Google Search Console

Go here: and click the Sign in button at the top right.

2. Enter Your Email Address

Enter your email address and click Next to begin the sign in process. You may see places to enter both your email address and password on the same screen. If that is the case, enter them both and click the button to continue to the next step. Click Need help? if you don’t remember your email address. Google will give you choices for recovering it. Once you have recovered your email address for the account, log out and go back to the first step.

Google search console login screen step 1

3. Enter Your Password

Enter your password and click Sign in. Click Forgot password? if you don’t remember your password. Google will give you choices for recovering it. Once you have recovered your password, log out and go back to the first step.
Google search console login screen step 2

4. Select Your Website URL

In the top left of the screen, under where it says Google Search Console, use the dropdown to select your domain variation.

You may have up to 5 versions of your URL in your account, one with www,  one without www, one with HTTP, one with HTTPS, and your bare domain without www or HTTP(S) (it will have the description ‘Domain property’ underneath it). If the bare domain is available, select that. If it’s not, select the variation that is live on the web.

domain selector in google search console

5. Copy Your Webpage URL into the Inspector Box

The inspector box is located at the top of the page and says ‘Inspect any URL in [your domain here]’

Copy your URL and then paste it into the inspector box and push Enter on your keyboard.


Wait patiently.

Google will tell you if the URL is eligible to appear in the index.


request indexing link in google search console

7. Wait Patiently While Google Tests Your URL

testing if live url can be indexed in google search console

8. Get Confirmation that you Requested Indexing

indexing requested confirmation google search console

Note that Google says that submitting it multiple times will not do anything!

You’re all set now. Your website page has been submitted for indexing by Google.

How Long Will it Take for Google to Process My Request?

They will process your request on their schedule.

It could be days or weeks!

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