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About Me pages are some of the most daunting pages a sole proprietor might need to write. Few people feel entirely comfortable talking about themselves, and many struggle to understand what, exactly, they should say.

Yet writing an About Me page doesn’t have to be hard. The key is to think about what you’re trying to accomplish when you do it.

What’s an About Page?

On its surface, an About Page is what it sounds like. It’s a chance for you to tell a potential customer a little more about who you are.

Dig deeper, though, and you’ll find it’s more than a biography. A good about me section on a website is really more like an “about why” page. That is, it provides additional details about why someone should choose to do business with you, over anyone else out there.

Why You Need a Good About Me Page

People prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust. They also like to do business with people who do a great job of distinguishing themselves from competitors by showing where their unique strengths lie.

Your Home and Services pages copy can often make a great case for hiring you, but the format of those pages doesn’t lend themselves to including the personal touches that can make the sale.

The About Page is the best place and format to offer those details.

What Goes on an About Page

The following list serves as a general guideline that can spark your creativity. You don’t have to include all of these points, but they can help if you’re struggling to figure out what you need to say.

  • When did you go into business?
  • Where were you educated?
  • Why did you choose this field?
  • What do you do that your competitors don’t do, or what do you avoid that your competitors tend to do?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Why are you passionate about serving people in the way that you do?
  • Have you won any awards?
  • Do you volunteer in your local community? If so, where and how?

To put it another way, you’re going to focus on how you do your business, why you do your business, your credentials, and what you do to make the world around you a little bit better for others.

What Does Not Go on an About Page

It can be tempting to fill your about page with personal details, especially if you’re struggling to figure out what to say.

Resist the urge.

Telling potential customers about your children, pets, and hobbies won’t make them any more likely to do business with you. It may even put off some customers. At best, it’s fluff. At worst, it makes it look like you don’t have as much to offer, professionally, as a competitor might.

About Me Page Template

It’s not necessary to follow a form or template to write a successful about page; however,  we created this one as a starting point.

Keep in mind that whether you write the page in third person or in first person is often a personal choice based on your profession and the tone you want to set with customers. An attorney might use third person for more formality, whereas a life coach might want to adopt a far friendlier “I” tone.


Your name and the year you went into business. Why you’re passionate about doing the work that you do.

Your Why

Why you do what you do. What you do that your competitors don’t do. What your competitors do that drives you crazy, inspiring you to do the opposite.

Your Unique Selling Proposition

Where you excel. Are you one of the fastest? The most thorough? Help your customers understand.

Your Background

Your educational and work experience that makes you uniquely qualified to do the work you do.

Your Awards and Publications

List them out. Don’t be shy!

Your Community Service

If you donate to a cause every year, sponsor an event, or volunteer your time to any local organizations, share that here. People often enjoy doing business with people who support the local area.

Sample About Me Page for an Attorney (Solo Practitioner)

Ron Webb has been practicing personal injury law since 1995. He chose this work because he’s passionate about protecting the rights of normal people when they are forced by circumstance to go up against big insurance companies.

Ron’s practice is set apart by the depth of research he does into each client’s case. He doesn’t stop until he has all the facts of the case so he can exploit every single one in his client’s favor. He will not take a case if he’s not willing to devote this level of time and attention to it.

Ron has won verdicts as high as $5 million and is known for the famous Silverback Industries injury case involving six trucking victims. He was also named as Pleasantville’s Super Lawyer for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. He’s been published in Prestigious Law Review 10 times.

In his off hours, Ron volunteers at the Pleasantville Animal Shelter. He does hands-on work with the animals and also serves on the board of directors.

Remember: “Digital Ink is Never Dry.” 

Be sure to make changes and adjustments as you gain more professional experience and prestige.

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