About Us Page Example and Tips for Small Businesses

In our experience, clients struggle to provide us with About Us copy more than any other kind of content. Writing about one’s own business can feel daunting or intimidating for many SMB owners. If you feel the same way, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, there are clear and repeatable methods you can use to write About Us pages that build trust and bring you business.

What’s an About Page?

You can think of an About Us page as your opportunity to spell out your unique selling proposition in no uncertain terms. You can also think of it as an opportunity to add social proof and additional reasons for the average customer or client to choose your business out of all the other options that are available to them.

While you will be doing some of this in your home page copy and in your service pages the tone of the About Us page copy is different. This is your chance to make your appeal in a very different way, one that connects on a more personal level. 

Why You Need a Good About Page

It’s getting harder for consumers to cut through the “noise” of the hundreds of options available to them for procuring almost any product or service you can think of. 

Your About Page is your opportunity to help consumers do just that. It’s your opportunity to earn trust. To slip past a customer’s walls and to make your case in a more honest, direct way. 

Tips for Writing Your About Us Page

The key to writing a good about page is to include the right information.

  • When did you go into business?
  • Why did you start the business?
  • Who are your staff members? Include a bio for each that discusses their experience, education, professional qualifications, and any awards they’ve won in your field. Include pictures, too.
  • What’s your approach to your industry?
  • What does your company do that your competitors fail to do?
  • What mistakes do your competitors make that you’ve rectified?
  • What does your company do better than anyone else in the industry?
  • How does your company excel and stand out? What’s your unique selling proposition?
  • Has your company won any awards?
  • Does your company engage in any philanthropic activities, community support activities, or corporate social responsibility activities?

These are all things the average customer or client will care about knowing.

There are some things you don’t want to include. Your customers don’t want to read about how many dogs your staff members have, or whether they love soccer or hiking or the local sports team. Focus on making your business case in a warm, friendly way and leave the extraneous details at the door.

About Us Page Template

There are dozens of ways to write an About Us page. A template is not, strictly speaking, necessary. Yet it can help.


Tell the story of when and how your business came to be. 

Staff Bios

Include key staff members only. If you have 50 people working for your company you’re not going to include all 50 of them. If you have 10, you would include all 10. Use your best judgment.

Include photos!

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Here’s where you’ll discuss what makes your business different from all of your competitors, your philosophy, your approach, and why customers should do business with your company over all of the other options out there. 


Any awards your company has won should go here. Include any badges for your awards.


Any “good deeds” your company does should go here, especially if they serve your local community.


Include photos of the founder and your staff. Team photos are great.

If you have a brick and mortar location, include images of the inside and/ or outside of your location.

Sample About Us Page Text

Here is an example About Us page text for a local tutoring company. It does not include staff bios but provides a good idea of what an effective About Us page might look like.

At Virtual Tutor, we tutor students with learning disabilities by addressing the root causes of learning and attention challenges. We help children become independent learners who will eventually learn to love reading, writing, spelling, and math. Our Springfield location has been open since 1992, and we have a long track record of success stories to back our approach.

Imagine watching your child do homework independently, without fussing or fighting. Imagine watching them succeed in an academic environment, growing in confidence and pride. We help children with dyslexia, auditory processing disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, executive function disorder, ASD, and more. 

We’re different because we customize all of our online tutoring programs. There are no cookie-cutter approaches here: just what works for you and your child. 

Your child can learn anywhere, at any place or time that’s convenient for you and which fosters their success. 

We’re a Certified Nonpublic Agency through the Department of Education and won the Best of 2020 Springfield Tutoring Award 

Contact us today to find out how we can help your child succeed. 

Are you a solo practitioner? Read our post about About Me pages.

Getting Started

Don’t freeze: the key is to get something workable down today. You can improve and adjust the page over time.

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