What to Expect When Working With Us on a Website

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You gathered quotes from web design agencies and are ready to make a decision. How will you choose? Your inclination may be to go for the shortest timeline for the lowest cost.  That would likely put us out of the running. We are probably not going to be the least expensive agency. And we probably won’t have the shortest timeline.

Here’s why you should consider working with us anyway and what you can expect if you do.

Realistic Timelines

We give you a timeline that might seem long, but we give it to you because it is a real timeline. That means we won’t be asking for extensions unless you make a request that wasn’t in the original scope of work.

Deadline adherence means the project is predictable. It’s less stressful for you and for your team. It also means that we have time to give you quality, customized work.


Some companies won’t say anything but “yes.” “Yes” isn’t always the most useful answer. The greatest ROI often comes from hearing, “no,” or a polite “that’s not a good idea.”

Just like we don’t shy away from providing a realistic timeline and cost estimate, we’re not going to shy away from letting you know that you’ve asked us to do something that we believe won’t help your business succeed.

You’re hiring us because we’re professionals. If you go to a doctor you expect the doctor to tell you what’s going on with your body and to prescribe the proper medicine. We operate exactly the same way. We partner with you and educate you on what we think will work for your business. 

That’s why we spend so much time talking over your goals with you. We use that information to develop a roadmap to the wins you are seeking and then execute those steps.

Here’s a good example: WordPress. Some clients come to us absolutely convinced that WordPress is the way to go. Why? Because that’s what most people know. In reality, something faster, cheaper, sleeker, and easier for you to navigate might be the best solution. WordPress could be your solution, but that’s what we’ll find out when we get to know you and your business. 

Our willingness to tell you the “bad news,” (or at least tell it to you straight) can save you a lot of money.

We are problem-solvers. We will introduce you to options and possibilities. This isn’t about barriers and constraints. It’s about getting you on the quickest and most effective path to your desired end results. It’s also about keeping up with the ever-shifting technology that has an impact on those results. We stay on top of the changes and meet the challenges they represent head on. 


We take the time to develop an understanding of what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for. We ask questions and lots of them. 

In addition to hearing your goals, we want to develop a feel for your brand. Your unique point of view. Who you serve. Why you serve them and what you’ve chosen to do differently from your competitors.

The website, the content, the SEO plan we create for you — it all grows out of this understanding, which means you get effective marketing instead of generic marketing.

What does generic marketing look like? Consider the last time you tried to hire a contractor for your home. Did you pull up six websites that could have been clones of one another, all telling you the contractor was licensed, bonded, insured, experienced, and passionate about customer service? Would you have been hard-pressed to distinguish one from another if asked even an hour later which business looked right for you? 

We want you to be the business that stands out and entices customers or clients, no matter what industry you happen to be working in.

A Distinct Lack of Surprises

“Surprise” is not a great thing in a business context. When you work with us you’ll always know what to expect.

You’ll know when we’re going to meet the next milestone. You’ll walk away from every call knowing what the action items are and when they’re going to be delivered. You’ll know what we need from you, too.

We care about communication.


We keep up with modern web design and development techniques to ensure you get a site that will serve you for some time. 

We don’t chase after trends and fads, but we do stay in touch. That means your site will serve you for a long time before you need to pursue the next redesign. 


We only take on clients who we believe are a good fit for our business and philosophy. Our detailed intake process ensures it

That means we’re excited to meet with you. To take your calls. To get back to you. To promote your business.

It means we listen. We’re not just saying, “Uh-huh, uh-huh.” We’re thinking, processing, and using everything you tell us to form a strategy, and to design and to build for you. 

That enthusiasm will show up in our communications and in the end result.

A Fresh Approach

We work in many different industries. That means we come to each project with a fresh outlook and plenty of eagerness to collaborate with you to create something that will impress your customers.

Think we might be a good fit for your company? Reach out today.

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