7 Reasons We Might Not Take You as a Local SEO Client


Why are we so successful at local SEO?

Why have so many of our clients expanded into new offices, new markets, and added so many team members?

It’s because, if we choose to take you on as an SEO client, we have done our research and are nearly certain that we can be successful in our efforts and with our partnership.

There are never any guarantees in SEO, but we need to be reasonably sure that we can help you succeed before we agree to work with you.

Here are some of the reasons we might decline to work with your business.

1. Your market is too competitive

Take, for example, a real estate agent. If you Google “real estate agent” plus “your city name,” what comes up? Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, etc. Do you see any other local real estate agents ranking? Nope.

If not even the biggest local firms have figured out how to beat the Zillows of the real estate world, the chances are low that we can figure it out for you. If you don’t have the budget of those big companies, it’s hard to beat them.

2. You don’t sell locally

A potential client came to us with a small e-commerce store selling dog leashes and other accessories. They did not have a local brick-and-mortar location and were a one-person show.

That means their target market is the entire U.S. and they are competing against Amazon, Chewy.com, Petsmart, etc. We declined the project based on the competitive nature of their target market and the lack of resources a solopreneur has to go up against these giants.

Now, if that same business had a shop in a small town with only a few other stores selling pet supplies, that’s another story and something we’re happy to look at further.

3. Your business is too niche

If not enough people are searching for what you do, the return on your investment may be nonexistent or just not high enough.

We do not consider SEO a good strategy if you are ranking number one everywhere yet do not have enough sales to make your business run, which can often be the case with niche businesses.

4. You sell a product or service no one has heard of

We once had a solopreneur inquire about SEO for a social media website for pets. It was essentially Facebook, but instead of interacting as yourself, you’d interact as your pet.

I haven’t checked since, but at the time, no one was searching for a pet social network.

If no one has heard of your product or service category, then no one is searching for it and SEO is not going to work as your initial strategy.

5. You don’t have the time or resources for content creation

SEO isn’t just about technical tweaks or some magic we do behind the scenes. It’s heavily reliant on quality expert-written content.

Picture trying to win a baking contest but not having the time or skills to bake, nor the budget to hire a baker. That’s akin to engaging in SEO without the time or resources to put into your content strategy.

So, how do we create that content?

  • If you or someone on your team is a great writer and are ready to learn SEO writing skills, we can teach you to be an SEO writer.
  • If you would like us to write it, you’ll need to be available for us to interview you and review our content for accuracy.

6. Your business has major issues

SEO cannot fix business problems. If your business has issues, you need to fix those issues first. SEO cannot save you from bad business practices, unhappy staff, or unhappy customers.

We can help you identify those issues and track if you are improving on them with our review service before we look at SEO services.

7. Your website has issues and you can’t invest in an overhaul or a new one

This could be technical issues, design issues, conversion issues, usability issues, or accessibility issues.

Your website is the cornerstone of your SEO strategy. It needs to be modern, functioning well, and built on a platform with incredible SEO capabilities like WordPress.

You need to have a developer who is available to make any SEO changes we request since we do not work on websites that we didn’t build.

Or, you may hire us to build your new website, in which case, it will be SEO-ready upon delivery like all of our websites are.

We look for impactful partnerships

Our focus is on establishing partnerships where our SEO expertise can bring tangible benefits. If we don’t think we can help you be successful, we will respectfully decline your project.

Would you like us to have a look at your project?

Contact us and be prepared to fill out our discovery questionnaire if we think your business may be a good fit.

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