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Posts by Rachel Arst McCullough

How to Add an Owner in Google Search Console

If you are a new client of ours, we’ve likely asked you to add us as an Owner in Google Search Console. What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google to help people understand and optimize aspects of their search presence.  Here are a few of the things…

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Why You Need More Reviews Than Average

Nobody wants to be average, right? The same is true in the online review space. To be truly effective, your reviews need to be better than average! Most business owners know they need great reviews. Few have a focused review strategy. And fewer still think to direct traffic to more than one review platform. Here’s…

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How to Respond to Negative Reviews: Best Practices and Examples

Last updated: 10/12/19 Why Responding to Negative Reviews Is Important In today’s internet-dominated market, the robustness of your online presence affects both your reputation and your search engine standing. Negative online reviews without appropriate and timely responses can quickly damage your reputation. A large majority of consumers today rely on review sites to help them…

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How to Share Access on Google My Business

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to share access with us to Google My Business (GMB) from either your desktop/laptop computer or your mobile phone. Onboarding can be one of the more challenging aspects of hiring a new company to help with your website or marketing. Most of the headache is logistical—we need to…

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How to Get Google My Business Phone Support

Last updated: 11/13/19   DISCLAIMER: We are not Google.   Google My Business’ website is here:   ***Calls to our main number or inquiries through our contact form about Google My Business from anyone who is not a current client WILL NOT BE RETURNED.   ***We have been overwhelmed with hundreds of confused callers/emailers…

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