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Automatically Creating Github Issues Using

I am the co-organizer of the BeerJS meetings for TahoeJS. BeerJS is a casual meetup for JavaScript developers that has chapters all over the world. Our meetup is largely organized using a Github repo. As co-organizer, one of my monthly tasks is to create a Github issue for the upcoming meeting. The issue announces the…

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React Native 45 Errors in Jest

At, a co-worker and I are in the process of updating our app to the most recent version of React Native, 0.45.1. We’re currently working to fix up our tests in Jest and I thought I’d share with you some issues that we’ve discovered.

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Creating Your First npm Package

Creating Your First npm Package Lately, I’ve been pushing myself to contribute more to open source. I started by contributing to existing projects: small features and writing documentation. I even wrote a blog post about it. This past week, I was finally able to make the jump from contributing to a project to authoring one.…

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