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Dynamically Labeled Markers on a Google Map

A project came up recently that involved building a Google Map with a set of markers on it in an Angular single page app. All of the markers needed to be labeled with their rank number. Markers could be red or blue and “inactive” markers would have a reduced opacity (depending on the data). A…

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Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Angular

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Angular are a great set of tools for building a modern, powerful, single-page web app.  Google Analytics allows you to track your users to see how they are interacting with your site.  Google Tag Manager allows you to update your tracking metrics without a code release.  Angular allows you…

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Angular U: Classes, Prototypes and OLOO

I just returned from the Angular U 2015 conference.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot.  I was even lucky enough to meet a number of the big names in Angular, people that I’d read about or heard on podcasts, including Brad Green, Dan Wahlin, Joe Eames, Ward Bell, Scott Moss, David…

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