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Client Tips

How to Get Phone Support for Your Google My Business Listing

Update as of 10/2016: Google has changed how to get phone support.  The updated post is here: [Due to the high volume of calls we receive regarding Google My Business issues, we are only able to help existing clients. Please contact Google for help instead (info at the link above on how to do that).]…

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How to Submit an XML Sitemap to Google Search Console

Why Submit an XML Sitemap It’s a good idea to submit your XML sitemap to Google so that they can better crawl your site.  They can still crawl without it, but this gives them much better guidance. What You Need to Get Started A Google Search Console account.  Google Search Console was previously called Google…

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Basic SEO for Landing Pages

Have you already done your keyword research or did we do it for you? If so, you’re ready to learn basic SEO for landing pages. First, use your keyword research to incorporate your focus keywords into the content on each page. Then, you’ll be ready to optimize each of the tags described below. We recommend…

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How to Add an Owner in Google Search Console

  Newer post available! Read the 2019 version of How to Add an Owner in Google Search Console here.   If you are a new client of ours, we’ve likely asked you to add us as an owner in Google Search Console. What is Google Search Console? Google Search Console is a free tool provided…

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How to Accept a Client Manager AdWords Access Invitation

By sharing access to your existing Google AdWords account, you’ll be allowing us to view and manage your account through our own Google login. That way, we won’t be asking for your email address and password. It takes just 5 steps to share access. 1. Sign into Google AdWords Go to: and click Sign…

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How to Share Google Analytics Access

**Updated 10/13/18** Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to track many different aspects of a user’s experience on your website. Some of the most basic tracking options available include knowing what city your users live in, how long they stay on your site, how many pages they went to, and where they…

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