Adding Support for ES2015 Number Methods to iOS 8

At, I’m working on an e-commerce app using React Native. React Native allows us to write apps in JavaScript that can run on iOS and Android phones with near native performance. The other day, we received several crash reports from users running iOS 8. All of the reports involved method calls on JavaScript’s global…

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Handling a Null Response from an API

I’ve been working with React Native lately, which uses the Fetch API for asynchronously fetching data from web services. Recently, I came across a really strange error. Certain calls (in particular, calls to fetch data for new users) would cause an error, “Unexpected end of JSON”.

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Sorting Arrays with JavaScript iterators

A lot of front-end web development involves displaying sorted lists on a page and maintaining the state and logic of the list. These sorted lists may be things like a list of products or an employee directory. Often, we will give the user the ability to re-sort the list or sort by a different key.…

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