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Patching npm Modules

Sometimes it is helpful to patch an npm module. It could be the case that you need to make a simple fix and you don’t want to maintain a fork of the library. The library may have a pull request to fix the issue but you don’t want to use an unmerged branch. For those…

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Automatically Creating Github Issues Using

I am the co-organizer of the BeerJS meetings for TahoeJS. BeerJS is a casual meetup for JavaScript developers that has chapters all over the world. Our meetup is largely organized using a Github repo. As co-organizer, one of my monthly tasks is to create a Github issue for the upcoming meeting. The issue announces the…

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Testing NodeJS with Mocha and Chai

Last weekend, I worked on a coding challenge that involved writing two NodeJS servers with unit tests.  The NodeJS portion of the project was pretty straightforward.  One server generates random arithmetic problems and POSTs them to the other server.  The second server accepts the POST, parses the equation, solves it, and responds with the answer.…

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