Your Reputation: Online Review Management

Search Engines Like Positive Reviews

And not just one review! Online review quantity, velocity and diversity contribute to search engine ranking, with frequent positive reviews being favorable for increasing search engine visibility.1

Need More Positive Reviews and Testimonials?

Consistently getting reviews can be a challenge for small businesses, with many reporting that they've asked their customers or clients for reviews, but never received them.

Or, they haven't asked for reviews, but the negative reviews are piling up even though a majority of customers report being happy.

How Our Feedback and Review System Works

We take a different approach.

  • First, easily add email addresses to our system.
  • An automated message will be sent to each address to request a rating (Net Promoter Score) on a scale of 1 to 10, so you can quickly understand the type of experience the customer had with your business.
  • Customers who score you highly will automatically be given direct links to the review sites of your choosing (Google, Facebook, etc.), so that you can build your online reputation and rank better in search engines.
  • Customers who give you a low score will be asked what could be done better so that you can improve and better serve your customers.

Easy to Use Means You Save Time

All you have to do on an ongoing basis is add new customer email addresses and respond to feedback!

We'll take care of the rest.

  • Automatically send feedback and star ratings to your website to enrich your website content and search engine visibility.
  • Get email notifications with feedback so that you can reply right away to maintain and improve your business relationships.
  • Receive regular reports on customer satisfaction so that you can continue to improve.
  • Get even more responses by automating follow-up. Use easy-to-schedule reminder emails for those who haven't replied with feedback yet.

Start Getting Reviews Now

Improve your online reputation today!